Acrubuild Construction is a privately owned company with a team of experts dedicated to building a better South Africa for all its people. We believe in our calling to be stewards in all that God has given us and that His will is our first and utmost priority. As a team we stand by our faith and values, and are committed to provide quality services and products to all our clients who are in desperate need off basic infrastructure and water supply.That is why Acrubuild Construction has teamed up experts with nearly 100 years combined experience in the Water, Civil, Mining, Manufacturing and General Construction industries.

Our services includes consultation, project management, design and manufacturing, fabrication, fiber installations, civil construction and maintenance, from new installation projects to maintenance and disaster repairs of waterbreakdowns.

Our goal at Acrubuild Construction is to bring our clients the highest quality workmanship, by taking advantage of the latest technology and tools.

Each member at Acrubuild Construction is 100% committed to our social responsibility to give back to the communities where we deliver our services by running environmental awareness projects at schools and other public areas, to teach the people in the communities how to keep their natural resources sustainable.

Our Values

We believe that God is the Creator and sole provider of all natural resources and He has instructed us to be stewards of His creation, therefore we at Acrubuild Construction are committed to our values :

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Compassion for those less fortunate
  • Building strong communities

Our Markets

  • Water Works
  • Civil Industry
  • Telecom and Fiber
  • Mining Industry
  • Engineering industry
  • Building industry 
  • General product and part manufacturing

What you can expect

At Acrubuild Construction you can expect the highest quality workmanship, since our Standards, Procedures and Processes are managed and controlled by staff that is experienced in Project Management of new installations and maintenance in the Water, Civil, Construction and Manufacturing Industries. Every member of the organization has a deeply rooted dedication and commitment to carry out each task the right way every time. With our Quality Control procedures in place we inspect every job completed against the specifications to the satisfaction of our customer’s requirements.

Services we offer

  • Consulting and Design
  • Site Inspection & Preparation
  • Water Installations & Maintenance
  • Break-Down Repairs
  • Civil Construction Works

Equipment & Capabilities

Specialized Equipment:

  • Generators
  • Water & Sewerage Pumps
  • Grinders
  • Welders
  • Splicing kits
  • High Lift Equipment
  • Maintenance Tool Kits for 4 teams.
  • 4 x LDV'S
  • 4,2 Ton Truck with double axes trailer
  • SABS approved part suppliers


Cell: +27 82 577 4902 (Christoph)