About US

Delivering customer satisfaction through service excellence
Tuff Cor (Pty) Ltd started 2012 for the purpose of developing various new products to take to market. The company also supply a general precision manufacturing, reverse engineering and prototyping capability. Our goal at Tuff Cor (Pty) Ltd is to bring our customers the highest quality product development and manufacturing solutions, by taking advantage of the latest technology and advanced machinery.

Our Values
When you deal with Tuff Cor (Pty) Ltd you can rest assured that by maintaining our founder's values we are committed to continue building the long-term relationships that have been cornerstone of our business.

Dedication and commitment
At Tuff Cor (Pty) Ltd you can expect the highest quality workmanship since our standards and procedures are managed and controlled by staff that has ample experience in manufacturing and fabrication. Every member of the organization has a deeply rooted dedication and commitment to carry out each task the right way every time. With our Quality Control procedures in place we verify and test each part of our product against the specifications to the satisfaction our our customer's requirements.

Manufacturing Capabilities
Tuff Cor (Pty) Ltd capabilities are constantly growing to meet the ever changing demands of our markets. Through our highly experienced staff, Tuff Cor (Pty) Ltd developed unique methods for faster engineering turnaround time from design to production, to exceed our customers expectations. At Tuff Cor (Pty) Ltd we believe in utilizing and investing in only the best advanced CNC machinery and 3D CAD/CAM software for product manufacturing. Customer comes first.